New Way

It is a way of ordinary life and none of us strive to do anything else, but to find our place in daily practical life. But how to do this so that we find our mission, enjoy our life and manage to be happy even with the little things? What is the hint? Well, just by looking around ourselves and by simply observing our daily conflicts we can get a clue what bothers us and what makes us happy. This way, every one of us creates different feelings, emotions and, like it or not, we enter the world of immaterial energies, the “spiritual” world. Milahelp is a group of friends who are trying to find “a new way” how to live in peace and harmony, how to give more of themselves than to take in life and how to get to know our mind and this way to prepare it for difficult exams we encounter in our daily practical life.

The website is being translated. The history of updates is here... 

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